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Unapologetically Me - 132

December 19, 2019

2019 taught me a lot about myself. In fact, this has probably been the most progress I have made in a year since 2015. So this episode will detail some of the realizations I have come to. Also, this episode is filled with all kinds of media clips. I have tried to even out the sound levels and think I have mostly succeeded. My apologies if it is not perfect. However, none of us are.

Some topics included in this episode are fear, love, relationships, being an introvert and my new found knowledge that I am, and have always been, an empath. Using various clips from music and pop culture, I try to highlight these topics in an amusing, yet poignant way.

Alternate titles for this episode could have been:

  1. Laws, Lessons and Revelations
  2. This Is Who I Am
  3. 47 Minutes of Bullshit

This week's podcast promo: Earth Station One

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