Soul Forge Podcast

The Entertainment Special - 204

May 27, 2021

The entertainment special is a look at some recent movies, television and books that I have been consuming. This week I wanted to share with all of you some things you may have missed or not been made aware of. Whether you are an avid reader or TV watcher, there are likely some items on this list that you haven't come across. Prepare to be entertained by the ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL!

This episode starts with an update or two. I'm talking about our COVID vaccinations, and I'm talking about the building I'm trying to buy. If all goes well, there will be a new toy store in Timmins in 2022!

Now I'm just going to list all the shows and movies I mention in this episode. Also, the author profile this week is Mitch Albom. He's a fantastic writer and you should seek out his works. As for things to watch, there are many. Here's a list of things I have been enjoying: Lucifer, 13 Reasons Why, Master of None, Love, Flaked, Disenchantment, Castlevania, She-Ra, Love, Death and Robots, Voltron, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Lost in Space, The Greatest American Hero, The Boys, UFO, Space:1999, Army of the Dead, Brightburn, Jiu Jitsu, Bill and Ted Face the Music, Happy Death Day (2U).

So many amazing and not so amazing things to watch and be amused or distracted by. I hope you enjoyed our first Entertainment special!

This week's podcast promo: Watchathon of Rassilon, Vaccine PSA

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