Soul Forge Podcast

That Made My Day - 122

October 10, 2019

Talking about those things that make your day. The small, seemingly insignificant moments that add up to so much. Those things that make you say, "that really made my day!"

On this week's episode, Shawn is joined by Deidre. They laugh and carry on and discuss all the things that help us get through our days. Deidre has an amazing practice she calls Priming. She wakes up early, but stays in bed. She spends the time reliving moments of joy in her life. And she finds 3 moments of gratefulness. Picking goals and envisioning them as already done, and feeling the healing light and sending it out into the world are also parts of Priming.

The episode is made possible in part by the assistance of Rene and Heather. They have both been on episodes of Soul Forge before. Their moments 'that made my day' are included in the show.

We finish up by learning about the Hawaiian prayer Ho'oponopono which can help anyone let go of resentment.

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