Soul Forge Podcast

Sleep and Dreams - 77

November 29, 2018

Sleep and dreams on episode 77 of the Soul Forge Podcast.

Shawn and Tracy are discussing their earliest memories of sleep, and talking about bedtime habits and routines. Everyone you know has a unique set of night-time rituals. Napping is a thing that some people love to do, while others have never gotten into the nap habit.

Insomnia can totally destroy your enjoyment of sleep. Ideal sleeping conditions also vary from person to person. What do you need for a good night rest? Do you prefer the dark, or do you need some light?

Fear of the dark, music, relaxing sounds, white noise, or having the fan on.

Recurring dreams and dreams that continue.

The Batman dream sequence story. Can you read in your dreams or see in colour?

Interpreting your dreams and looking for the mean of dream symbology.

Creativity and dreaming.

Bad dreams and nightmares.

The dream VCR.

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