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Parcels For Arseholes - 156

June 11, 2020

A day in the life of a Canadian mail carrier. We recently received some correspondence from listener Bill L. Bill wanted to know about the way the post office works in Canada. Because he is an American, Bill wanted to know what Canadians think of Americans, and also what we think of the differences between the two postal systems. Every day we deliver a huge amount of letters, magazines, bills, flyers and parcels. Due to the recent Covid-19 lockdown, people are shopping online in greater numbers than ever before. It is overwhelming, hence the joke of delivering parcels for arseholes.

On this episode, I record a snippet of my day as I deliver the mail. There are some sound quality issues due to the wind. The weather is always a factor in the life of a mail delivery agent. Put your headphones on, and put your credit card down. Get ready to learn about the mail delivery process on Parcels for Arseholes.

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