Soul Forge Podcast

My Dad Is Mad At Me - 143

March 12, 2020

So I recently found out that my dad is mad at me. This occurred as a result of my recent episode titled, About Money. I haven't actually figured out why my dad is mad at me. The only hint I have received is a message from dad's girlfriend telling me that she let him listen to the episode. All I can surmise is that I did not mention him enough in the episode. So, this episode is an attempt to correct that oversight.

This week, I speak to my own son and we discuss our relationship. I also tell my son about things that I have done with my father. My dad and I have gone on several vacation-type trips. I mention these trips to my son on this episode. Potatoes are my father's favourite. So naturally, I tell my own potato story. My dad is mad at me, but this episode is an attempt to reach out and clarify a few things. We shall see if this works.

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