Soul Forge Podcast

Mighty Morphin’ Podcast Rangers - 151

May 7, 2020

We podcast because we love it. We are the Mighty Morphin' Podcast Rangers!

Ok, ok, so we are not all that mighty. And we definitely do not morph. But we do adapt and change over time. Also, we aren't really rangers of any kind. Fine, you got me...we are not super heroes at all. However, we do enjoy the world of podcasting. That's what we do!

On this episode, Shawn, Paul and Dan go behind the scenes. This is a conversation they had after recording an episode for Dan's Temporal Trek Podcast. You can hear the raw and unedited version of that podcast on episode 289 of The Rusted Robot Podcast. However, what you will be hearing on this episode, is what took place after the main recording. The gang were just talking and this amazing conversation about podcasting took shape. We here at the Soul Forge hope you enjoy this look at what podcasters really think about this format.

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