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End Times Fun - 144

March 19, 2020

Yeah, okay, so we all know that the only thing on all our minds is the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic. People are hoarding toilet paper and bottled water. We're all washing our hands as if we just learned how to do that. On that note, it is appropriate we all take a break and have some end times fun!

On this episode, I will be concentrating on overcomng our fears. As such, I have some answers from various people to the question of, "if you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do?"

12 years ago, I wrote a note on Facebook. Apparently I was worried about the end of the world. I read and comment on this note, entitled, Surviving the Coming Apocalypse. A fun thought experiment about preparing for the end times.

To wrap up, I have some quick tips on managing anxiety during a pandemic.

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