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Don’t Mask Your Passions - 177

November 4, 2020

Don't Mask Your Passions is a companion piece to episode 312 of The Rusted Robot Podcast. While recording episode 312 we got into a really in depth conversation about the nature of fandom and how one goes about displaying that passion. The chat was so good and so long it needed to be its own show. Voila! We have episode 177 of Soul Forge!

Everything started by talking about Dave, an artist who paints pop culture into old paintings. By repurposing something, nothing goes to waste. This got me thinking about wearing your passions loud and proud.

I often find it difficult to display my affections for everyone to see. However, at other times, I have no embarassment. Perhaps I still get stuck in the 1980s mindset of hiding your inner self. Growing up in the 80s was difficult because bullying was so prevalent. And yet, it is no longer the 80s. People can't hurt you for what you like.

And so, the podcast covers many topics this week. We're talking about crazy fans, toxic fandom, and watching shows that aren't age appropriate. Plague doctor replica masks and 1950s style for Kitty. T-shirts with nerd logos, nerdy tattoos, Star Trek vs Star Wars and unnecessary limits.

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