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Can’t Buy Me Love - 88

February 14, 2019

You can buy me flowers, but you can't buy me love. This week, the Soul Forge Podcast explores the commercialization of love in our 2019 Valentine's Day Special.

Let's talk about the kinds of expectations we have of ourselves and our partners on February 14th. Is there too much pressure from society on how we express our love and affection? Do we really need over-the-top displays of affection to prove our love? Why do we put ourselves through this each and every year?

Just who was this Valentine anyway? We will explore a brief history of his life.

We are pounded and pulverized by advertisements telling us how to show our love. It really is no wonder that we are all stressed out and feel inadequate when we compare ourselves to others.

A brief guide on how and what to buy as a gift for a man on Valentine's Day.

So you put a lot of thought and effort into your gift. That's great, except they don't like it. Now what do you do? In this part of the episode, we talk a bit about what to do and how to avoid feeling like garbage.

Remembering the school days practice of handing out Valentine's cards in class, and the trauma that caused us.

Does it matter when the gift was bought? If your lover picked up your present on the way home on the 14th, or has had it sitting in a drawer for a month...does that equate to the value of the love?

Fate! Is love written in the stars?

Should people get engaged on Valentine's Day? Is this a romantic gesture or a great way to get out of gift giving?

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