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Advice From Your Future - 163 (3rd Anniversary Episode)

July 30, 2020

Advice from your future self is not something you can get. But, you can get advice from people older or wiser than you. On this week's episode, we celebrate 3 years of podcasting. We also have 30 pieces of advice that a 30 year old wishes he had when he was 20.


Struggle Is Good

Don’t Complain

Spend Time With People You Love

Don’t Start A Relationship If You’re Not In Love

Exercise Daily

Keep A Journal

Be Grateful

Don’t Care About What People Think

Take More Risks

Pick An Industry, Not A Job

Lead The Way

Things Are Not What They Seem

Money Is Not The Most Important Thing

Be Nice

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Learn Every Day

Rest Before You Are Tired

Don’t Judge

Think About Others

Give Without Expecting Something In Return

There’s No End Game

Enjoy Small Things

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously

Don’t Blame People

Never Look Back Too Long

Avoid Negative Situations And People

Invest In Yourself

Rely On Yourself

Create Something

Take Action


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