Soul Forge Podcast


November 15, 2018

We are celebrating 75 episodes, and we are doing it by letting loose, cursing, laughing and going totally random! Shawn and Tracy are joined by first-timer Melissa. Jay was unable to make it this time.

Canada Post is on strike and we discuss how that is affecting and disrupting daily life here in Canada (remember that Shawn is a letter carrier).

Things we will never do again - a topic that deserves its own episode, but we touch on a few things here.

Pet Peeves: other drivers is a common peeve, but did you know that hating the sound of other people chewing their food is an actual medical condition?

We hit upon a few things that we know for sure. What do you know for sure?

Want vs Need and Personal Definitions: We have a big discussion about things we need and things we want and how we may think we need things that we really don't. Does Shawn really need a $1000 Thundercat statue to define who he is as a person? What defines us as people? Who are we? What makes you who you are?

BUMPA-ISMS: Shawn's grandfather was a huge influence on him. From the way he thinks to the way he talks and behaves (control behaviour vs relax mode).

DNA testing. Tracy tells the story of how DNA testing lead to the catching of a killer.

Working from home sounds nice. We briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

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