Soul Forge Podcast

68: The Brigitte Episode

September 27, 2018

The long awaited, much anticipated Brigitte episode is finally here! Listen in as Shawn discusses the relationship from its very beginnings right to the end.  Remember, these are Shawn's memories, and are accurate to the best of his ability to recall the events mentioned.

Topics include how Shawn and Brigitte met, where they worked, and the start of a very interesting friendship. There will be talk about subconscious attraction and how that manifested and developed.

What did a Christmas parade conversation have to do with setting things in motion?  Getting to know someone beyond the superficial can certainly have some long lasting repurcussions. And that brings us to the break-up of Shawn's relationship with Trish, the mother of his son Bishop.

Next we talk about the progression of the relationship with Brigitte and how that came to be.  Complications and guilt become a factor in everything that comes after.

Shawn and Brigitte get married. They have a second fake marriage with their friends in attendance. Instead of a honeymoon, they renovate their house. 2014 sees them throught many dramatic moments. These moments lead to a communication breakdown and an eventual split. Naturally, like the relationship at its core, the split is unconventional.

We conclude the episode with the soundtrack of heartache. Also, Shawn falls into a deep funk, but with the help of his son, he eventually bounces back. And we part with some final thoughts and feelings.

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