Soul Forge Podcast

58: Soulmates and Intimacy

July 19, 2018

Exploring the ideas of soulmates, twin flames, intimacy and chemistry.

  • A soulmate allows us to be our true, open and honest self.

Shawn talks about his own experiences feeling that soulmate connection.  There is discussion on several definitions of what a soul mate is.  The energetic cloth and the patterns and wave lengths that bind two people together in a soulmate connection.  Soulmates come into our lives to awaken and challenge us to become our best versions of ourselves.

  • There is more than one type of soulmate.

Twin flames.  Are they really a thing?  There is talk of the many life times of connection between two people.  This is not necessarily a romantic relationship, but it can be.

We talk about the ideas of connection and chemistry and how they can be the same, but also different.  With our soulmates we take the mask off to reveal our inner selves.  Is the soulmate connection a fated eventuality?

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