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The King of Obsolete - 189

February 11, 2021

Joey Barnes (Ice Road Truckers) is the king of obsolete. He joins us here on episode 189 of the Soul Forge Podcast. We talk about his current life, his Ice Road Trucker days, and the books he has been busy writing during the lockdown. The king of obsolete has many stories to share.

In a remote corner of Manitoba, Joey “The King of Obsolete” Barnes has deemed his plot of land  “The Kingdom,” and it’s filled with vintage CATs and trucks from the 1930s to the 1970s. Many of the vehicles are rarities, and he’s re-engineered many of them into his own unique pieces of equipment.

On this episode, you will hear about Naughty Natalie and Love is Trust. We talk about Joey's 1937 Dodge hotrod truck and his time with the bikers of the 1980s. We also spend some time talking about his writing process. Joey believes in one-shot writing, where there is little to no editing involved.

The following is copied from his website and is a list of his books:

Naughty Natalie Series (3 book series) Paperback Edition ( Dominatrix School: Failing Military Marriage (9798700687997): Barnes KoO, Joey: Books Love is Trust: Summer of Fun 1985 eBook: Barnes, Joey: Kindle Store

My Wasted Youth: Alexander Manitoba: Barnes KoO, Joey: 9798700173766: Books

The Corvette Stingray

Art Bookbindery Recovery Plates

No Fear No Common Sense Flying ---- 10th book

Misc Stories ---- 9th book

The 4 book series on Naughty Natalie are books 5,6,7,8

 Oh My, This is Not Fun ---- 8th book

 Dominatrix School Book ---- 7th book

Love is Trust Book ---- 6th book

My Wasted Youth Alexander MB Book ---- 5th book

King of Obsolete Books Series are book 1,2, (3,4 are not in print)

KoO Book Set ---- 1st & 2nd books

Check out Joey's website at

Get his books on Amazon at

He's on YouTube:

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