Soul Forge Podcast

65: Other People’s Kids

September 6, 2018

Kids. Children. Offspring. Yours, mine, and ours. 

This week we tackle the topic of living with kids that aren't biologically yours . We are going to use the term step-parent even though many of the stories and situations do not necessarily involve marriage between the couple.

  • Buidling a relationship with a step-child,
  • Blended families and becoming a step-parent,
  • How do these kids react and behave?
  • The Brady Bunch Illusion - expectations versus reality 


  • How a man bonds with kids,
  • How a woman bonds with kids,
  • The gender of the child in relation to the gender of the step-parent,

The age of the child/children will have a great impact on the relationship between the other person's kid(s) and the new step-parent.

Discipline styles also differ and this can have an affect on the child. Supper, homework, and bedtime routines can be vastly different.

Remember: communication, tolerance and understanding.

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