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Nothing to Fear - 225

Nothing to Fear - 225

October 28, 2021

Nothing to fear is freedom. Everyone feels fear from time to time. Various levels and intensities as we are all unique with a wide variety of experiences and tolerances. Someone's nothing to fear is another person's greatest fear.

Nothing to Fear was originally going to be a spooky Hallowe'en episode. The idea was to have a few guests to talk about scary movies. The timing did not work out, so it has become an episode about the various types of fear.

We begin the show by talking about my fear of the dark. This gets us into the topic and we delve into 4 types of fear. A huge fear that many people have is the fear of not being accepted. I give several examples from my own life. There is also the fear of failure which has held me back at various times in my own life. And then we chat about the fear of following ( or not following ) our dreams. So many people are afraid of success. We round out the show by talking about the fear of losing people we love.

Nothing to fear is not the spooky episode I had in mind. It has evolved into something much more complex. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you're able to take something good away from what you hear.

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A Feast For The Mind - 224

A Feast For The Mind - 224

October 21, 2021

A feast for the mind in every episode of the Soul Forge Podcast! So many fun and different topics to cover in this week's episode. Every show is a feast for the mind, but this time, I actually use that phrase. Find out why when you listen to this one!

La Brea is the latest show I have started watching. I find it really fun and entertaining. It had me hooked in the first 5 minutes. I'll be giving you a quick overview on the first 3 episodes. Minor spoilers are revealed, but because the show is so new, it should not matter.

My Etsy shop is called Rusted Robot Toys. A recap of my last 4 months worth of sales is discussed. I also talk about how I pack my orders and ship them out. What's included in every package? You'll find out in this episode, and maybe you'll want to buy something! Find the shop at:

I was listening to the latest episode of the Delta Flyers podcast and one of the hosts mentioned a book. After looking into the book, I decided to purchase it. Because it sounds like a great read, I share it with you. Perhaps you will want to purchase a copy as well.

Speaking of buying things, I just ordered a few more items from Eaglemoss. They sell Star Trek starships and other fun items. I used the Honey plug-in on my computer to get a discount. Try Honey to save yourself some money. This is not a paid plug lol.

Finally, we talk about my recent fake name change. Trent does not suit me. My demeanor and lifestyle is quite different from Trent. Therefore, I'm just gonna be me!

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The 5 Love Languages - 223

The 5 Love Languages - 223

October 14, 2021

The 5 love languages are 5 different ways of expressing and receiving love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Not everyone communicates love in the same way, and likewise, people have different ways they prefer to receive love. The concept of love languages was developed by Gary Chapman, Ph.D., in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, where he describes these 5 unique styles of communicating love, categories he distilled from his experience in marriage counseling and linguistics. 

1. Words of affirmation

People with words of affirmation as a love language value verbal acknowledgments of affection, including frequent "I love you's," compliments, words of appreciation, verbal encouragement, and often frequent digital communication like texting and social media engagement.

2. Quality time

People whose love language is quality time feel the most adored when their partner actively wants to spend time with them and is always down to hang out. They particularly love when active listening, eye contact, and full presence are prioritized hallmarks in the relationship. 

3. Acts of services

If your love language is acts of service, you value when your partner goes out of their way to make your life easier. It's things like bringing you soup when you're sick, making your coffee for you in the morning, or picking up your dry cleaning for you when you've had a busy day at work.

4. Gifts

Gifts is a pretty straightforward love language: You feel loved when people give you "visual symbols of love," as Chapman calls it. It's not about the monetary value but the symbolic thought behind the item. People with this style recognize and value the gift-giving process: the careful reflection, the deliberate choosing of the object to represent the relationship, and the emotional benefits from receiving the present. 

5. Physical touch

People with physical touch as their love language feel loved when they receive physical signs of affection, including kissing, holding hands, cuddling on the couch, and sex. Physical intimacy and touch can be incredibly affirming and serve as a powerful emotional connector for people with this love language. The roots go back to our childhood, Motamedi notes, some people only felt deep affection and love by their parents when they were held, kissed, or touched.

Take the quiz to determine your love language:

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Change Your Name, Change Your Life - 222

Change Your Name, Change Your Life - 222

October 7, 2021

If you change your name, does that change your life? We are about to find out in the second half of the episode. First, we must talk about trees, and the Fall, and travel, and selling things to nerds. And then, change your name, change your life will be discussed, debated and deliberated upon!

So, this past weekend I drove the nearly 6 hours it takes, to the Soo. That's Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada for those not in the know! About 2 hours into the drive, I turned onto a different highway. The change was immediate. The trees were popping with the brilliant and exuberant colours of Fall. We don't have colours like that back home in Timmins. I suddenly realized that this is what I miss most about living further south than I do currently.

And then I was in the Soo. I was a vendor at the 3rd Steel City NerdCon. My car was loaded with totes of various pop culture items. Selling off my collection has been a goal of mine for about 5 years. Sadly, I didn't sell everything. In fact, I sold about half as much as in previous years. You will hear the tale in this episode.

Change your name, change your life! Is it possible to change the fundamental nature of who you are? Hard to know. This is an experiment I am currently undertaking. Never have I liked my name. So, I changed it on Facebook to see how it feels. Kinda weird is how it feels. You will hear the entire saga in the second half of this episode.

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