37: So You Want To Be A Writer - A Chat With Author Daniel Peter Hitch

February 22, 2018

I sit down for a talk about becoming a writer with Dan Hitch! 

  • Dan's early influences,
  • Motivation and desire to write,
  • Monotony and distractions,
  • Writer's routine,
  • Bubbles the Pirate,
  • Inspirations,
  • Advice for aspiring writers

Contact Daniel:

Twitter: @hitch_daniel


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Bubbles The Pirate and The Connected Worlds Chronicles

Daniel Peter Hitch

Discussing DISCO


36: Drugs, Booze and Strippers - Traumatic Childhood Experiences

February 15, 2018

An unconventional upbringing: a chat with my brother. 

  • Stripper outfit model,
  • Abandoned at the bus stop,
  • Left alone in a locked vehicle,
  • Wet, frozen and alone by a lake,
  • Drinking and driving is bad,
  • Wrestling, fighting and football

What we learned and how we deal with it.


35: My Uncle Was A Hoarder

February 8, 2018

Hoarding is not collecting!

  • Hoarding, collecting and minimizing,
  • Keeping in touch is hard,
  • Trying to get life in order,
  • Adventures in house selling,
  • Asbestos in the attic!