29: Coping With Aging Parents: Dementia and Alzheimers

December 28, 2017

When mom needs to be placed in a home. 

Paul shares a very personal story.

Family and friends and support.

Care facilities-you don't have to do this alone.

Progress of the disease.

Preparation and coping skills.


28: Kids Talk About Christmas

December 21, 2017

What do kids think about Christmas?

The best things about Christmas!

Favourite Christmas memories!

The true meaning of the season.

Random thoughts about Christmas!


27: Live Your Legacy

December 14, 2017

What do you want to be remembered for? 

  • Immortality through memory,
  • The 27 Club,
  • Famous people from history,
  • Who do we remember forever?
  • What I've done to be remembered,
  • Awesome feedback!

Special Thanks to:

Robin Coull, Daniel Peter Hitch, Paul Wright, The Just in Time Podcast



26: An Interview With Bishop

December 6, 2017

Who is this Bishop person anyway? 

  • Episode feedback,
  • Black Pete and Christmas,
  • The birthday boy!
  • Bishop talks with his dad,
  • Cool legacy ideas...
  • Advice and insight,
  • Bishop's favourite things!

25: Minimalism

December 1, 2017

A brief intro to minimalism...

  • Episode 24 feedback,
  • How I found minimalism,
  • Josh and Ryan's story,
  • My minimalism journey,
  • Letting go of sentimental items,
  • Guide posts of minimalism,
  • Minimal maxims,
  • Dealing with debt,
  • Minimalism documentary trailer