Soul Forge Podcast

Wired and Tired - 217

September 2, 2021

Your host is both wired and tired on this week's episode of the Soul Forge Podcast. It's a fun, random episode filled with the usual irreverant humour you have come to expect!

Why are we wired and tired? Well, Shawn has been exhausted and irritable as of late. This has been going on for many months. He is often out of breath and has a short fuse. So, the doctor hooked him up with a sleep lab study. In this episode, you hear all about that experience. Just take a look at the cover art to see how it looks to be hooked up!

Because I posted the picture of me with all the wires on Facebook, some controversy erupted. You see, I didn't put any caption to give the photo context. My aunt freaked out. My dad (who I have not spoken to in nearly a year) called me a dumbass. It's quite a fun story!

Other random topics are touched on in this episode. I'm thinking of doing a Rusted Robot pop culture segment. I'm going to have an ax enthusiast on an upcoming episode. I also talk a bit about my Etsy shop. Yard sales and nerd conventions and sales and stuff too! And wait until you hear about the new podcast that me and the boys from our Cosmic Pizza Podcast are doing!

This week's podcast promo: Blurred Nerds, Dr. Geek's Vaccine promo

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