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A Positive Spin - 215

August 19, 2021

A positive spin on a negative situation is a good plan. Naturally, it is not always easy or possible to put a positive spin on something, but it's always worth a try. This week's episode is all about the positive spin. Join me on this podcasting adventure as we turn those frowns upside down!

To start with, Julie and I got our second Covid-19 vaccinations last week. We weren't going to get the vaccine shot at all. However, it seemed like the wisest course of action. So we did it! With vaccine passports coming soon, it might be wise for everyone to just get it over with. Obviously there is lots of controversy and dissenting opinions on this.

Also in this episode, I touch on my Etsy shop. Customer service is important. My etsy shop is all about customer service. We try to make the buying experience as positive as we can! Check out my shop at:

A positive spin is important for our mental health. Here are some of the topics I try to put in a positive light: fires and droughts in the west, and floods in the east. Fixing these issues could spur innovation, create more jobs, and boost the economy.

And then there's Afghanistan and Haiti. The situations in those countries are absolutely horrendous. And yet, I try to put the positivity on these topics. Definitely not an easy task, and yet, I try.

Things may seem bad, but they say that everything that happens is for the best possible reason. Is that true? There's no way to know.

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