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Fun From Childhood - 216

Fun From Childhood - 216

August 26, 2021

Fun from childhood is an episode about memory. This week we are remembering fun times we had as children. Everyone (I hope) has happy memories from when they were kids. Your experiences will obviously be different from mine. Listen, and see how many things we may have in common!

My mother is part of my 2 earliest memories. I recall sitting at the edge of the ditch and looking at tadpoles and then running home in the rain. Eating fried cheese out of a cast iron skillet is another cherished memory with my mother. Mom and I used to have so much fun.

And then there was the time I tried to kill my brother Curtis. I didn't. I actually ended up saving him. Saving him from the peril I put him in. Jealousy can make you do crazy things.

Camping is a great memory. Every summer we would go to Beals Lake. The adults would catch crawdads and I'd play with them in the morning before tossing them back into the lake. Swimming, hiking and treasure hunting were all part of the camping life.

Other fun things included going treasure hunting at the garbage dump. Hunting for beer bottles and beer cans on the roadside was another exciting adventure. I didn't realize back then that it was more about the money.

My grandfather would also take me to open AA meetings. I learned a lot about life from these meetings. Spending time with my grandfather was the best part. I learned about drinking coffee at these meetings. He also took me for walks in the park and the Soo Locks.

My dad took me and my brother on road trips. We went to Boblo Island, Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland. These were great trips. So much fun.

Other fun times included selling stuff to the neighbourhood kids. Action figure shopping. Beer bottle cap collecting, Dinky car smashing and many other adventures.

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A Positive Spin - 215

A Positive Spin - 215

August 19, 2021

A positive spin on a negative situation is a good plan. Naturally, it is not always easy or possible to put a positive spin on something, but it's always worth a try. This week's episode is all about the positive spin. Join me on this podcasting adventure as we turn those frowns upside down!

To start with, Julie and I got our second Covid-19 vaccinations last week. We weren't going to get the vaccine shot at all. However, it seemed like the wisest course of action. So we did it! With vaccine passports coming soon, it might be wise for everyone to just get it over with. Obviously there is lots of controversy and dissenting opinions on this.

Also in this episode, I touch on my Etsy shop. Customer service is important. My etsy shop is all about customer service. We try to make the buying experience as positive as we can! Check out my shop at:

A positive spin is important for our mental health. Here are some of the topics I try to put in a positive light: fires and droughts in the west, and floods in the east. Fixing these issues could spur innovation, create more jobs, and boost the economy.

And then there's Afghanistan and Haiti. The situations in those countries are absolutely horrendous. And yet, I try to put the positivity on these topics. Definitely not an easy task, and yet, I try.

Things may seem bad, but they say that everything that happens is for the best possible reason. Is that true? There's no way to know.

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It’s About Time - 214

It’s About Time - 214

August 12, 2021

It's about time to have a Soul Forge episode about time! This time on the show we will be discussing various aspects of time. We are covering topics such as television shows, the passage of time during travel and a good deal more!

The episode starts with a brief introduction to time. I read the definition of time according to wikipedia. That definition is kinda crappy, so I added my patented personal touch on the topic. Naturally, this leads to me talking about Star Trek. And I talk about Seinfeld. The way time moves doesn't always seem to make sense. Your actual experience and the reality of time do not always meet up in a happy or convenient way.

Travel is done in miles or kilometres. And yet, we measure distance through time. Or, I do, at least. It takes so many hours to get to this place. And this place is that many hours from this other place. I know more about the hours it takes to get somewhere, than I do the actual unit of distance.

Other topics this week include a recent trip to Ottawa and how long that took us. Talking about the time between sales on my Etsy shop. Discussing climate change and how time is running out for humanity to do something about it. Lots more too!

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