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The Entertainment Special - 204

The Entertainment Special - 204

May 27, 2021

The entertainment special is a look at some recent movies, television and books that I have been consuming. This week I wanted to share with all of you some things you may have missed or not been made aware of. Whether you are an avid reader or TV watcher, there are likely some items on this list that you haven't come across. Prepare to be entertained by the ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL!

This episode starts with an update or two. I'm talking about our COVID vaccinations, and I'm talking about the building I'm trying to buy. If all goes well, there will be a new toy store in Timmins in 2022!

Now I'm just going to list all the shows and movies I mention in this episode. Also, the author profile this week is Mitch Albom. He's a fantastic writer and you should seek out his works. As for things to watch, there are many. Here's a list of things I have been enjoying: Lucifer, 13 Reasons Why, Master of None, Love, Flaked, Disenchantment, Castlevania, She-Ra, Love, Death and Robots, Voltron, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Lost in Space, The Greatest American Hero, The Boys, UFO, Space:1999, Army of the Dead, Brightburn, Jiu Jitsu, Bill and Ted Face the Music, Happy Death Day (2U).

So many amazing and not so amazing things to watch and be amused or distracted by. I hope you enjoyed our first Entertainment special!

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Get Your Drivers License - 203

Get Your Drivers License - 203

May 20, 2021

It is super important to get your drivers license. And I'm going to tell you why in this new episode of the Soul Forge Podcast! Get your drivers license -- don't wait!

But not only that, I also give some updates on last week's episode. In that episode, I discussed my ideas for a new business, a toy store to be exact. Some progress has been made. I do qualify for the mortgage. However, the down payment just might be more than I can handle at this time. So, we have to wait to see what will happen.

Julie and I have decided to get our COVID vaccines. We were hesitant because of the blood clots we hear about in the news. Apparently, the clot issue is so rare, it is not even worth considering. So, despite our uncertainty, we will be getting our shots. We may even end up with a cool mutation like flight or invisibility!

Finally, we talk about driving. My grandfather was one of my driving teachers. That was scary. And yet, I also went to formal driver training. Sure, I failed 2 times, but I did eventually get it. I also talk about the graduated licensing system that Ontario introduced in the mid 1990s. And I talk about all the cool cars I wanted.

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My New Business Idea - 202

My New Business Idea - 202

May 13, 2021

My new business idea is to open a really cool toy store. Actually, this isn't my new business idea. This is something I have dreamed of doing for nearly 30 years. Now feels like the perfect time to launch this passion project.

As far back as I remember, I have been a lover of pop culture. I have also been collecting pop culture items for nearly that long. Recently, I decided it was time to lighten the load. My collection is massive and overwhelming at times. A store front would be an ideal place to sell some of these things that I no longer need or want.

So, my new business idea is to open a pop culture and nostalgia store here in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Will it work? There is no way to know. Do I want to do it anyway? Yes! Absolutely yes! There are a few hurdles and obstacles to overcome, and yet, I think I have the drive, knowledge and will to persevere and succeed. Only time will tell.

This episode is all about my new business idea. It will give you a brief history of my collecting and selling. Would you like to be my business parter or angel investor?

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Disappointment - 201

Disappointment - 201

May 6, 2021

What is disappointment?

As an emotion, researchers describe disappointment as a form of sadness—a feeling of loss, an uncomfortable space (or a painful gap) between our expectations and reality. When we believe that there's something we must have to be happy and fulfilled, we can set ourselves up for disappointment.

The noun disappointment comes from the Middle French word disappointer, meaning “undo the appointment,” or “remove from office.” It is true that a friend canceling your plans or losing your job is a disappointment, but today disappointment can describe anything that crushes your hopes, ruins your day, or otherwise lets you down.

7 strategies for getting over disappointment:

1. Give yourself a limited time to feel bad. 

Acknowledge the letdown but don't get mired in it. If you didn’t win the lottery, give yourself an hour to feel bad. If you didn’t get a promotion or if your bonus was less than you hoped for, give yourself a day—but then move on.

2. Don’t ruminate about what might have been. 

The more you dwell on the disappointment, the more it will hurt and disrupt your ability to focus, concentrate, problem-solve, or be creative. So be careful not to feed the disappointment and deepen your emotional hurt.

3. Avoid self-pity.

Self-pity comes with a price—it takes away feelings of empowerment and agency and makes us feel as though we don’t have control over our lives. So indulge it at your peril; it can foster a bad mood and even depression if you get stuck for too long.

4. Use self-compassion.

Be sympathetic toward yourself and compassionate about the fact that you hurt. Don’t beat yourself up or become self-critical; doing so will only hurt your confidence, damage your self esteem, and make you feel worse.

5. Put it in perspective.

We often feel disappointed about things we are unlikely to remember in a month’s time. How many of us will think back from five years in the future to that day in 2016 when we didn’t win the lottery? Very few. If the disappointment you experienced was significant, try to focus on the larger picture of your life and remind yourself of all the things that are going well and for which you can be grateful.

6. Identify the next opportunity.

This is easier to do with lottery tickets, of course, than with more significant events in your life that cause disappointment, but as they say in baseball: There’s always next season. Regardless of what disappointed you, spend a few moments figuring out when and how you can try again.

7. Remember: Success does not equal happiness.

Research on lottery winners has found that their level of happiness rises dramatically after they win, but then reverts to the same level of happiness they felt before they won—usually within a year.

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