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Philosophy, Sex and Voodoo - 187

Philosophy, Sex and Voodoo - 187

January 28, 2021

What do sex, voodoo and philosophy all have in common? We mention each of those subjects in this episode. Although our main discussion is meant as an introduction to philosophy, we cannot cover all aspects of such a broad field of study in a short episode.

Quite literally, the term "philosophy" means, "love of wisdom." In a broad sense, philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other. As an academic discipline philosophy is much the same. Those who study philosophy are perpetually engaged in asking, answering, and arguing for their answers to life's most basic questions. To make such a pursuit more systematic academic philosophy is traditionally divided into major areas of study.

There have been many philosophers over the centuries. We mention several of them, but if you're looking for major figures to study, here are some to start with: Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Locke, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, Marx, and Sartre.

There are many online resources if you are looking for an in depth overview of philosophy. There are also multiple branches or types of philosophy.

The end of the podcast is audio from a YouTube video talking about the Kama Sutra and how it relates to sex. If you'd like to view the video, this is the link:

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How To Be A Man - 186

How To Be A Man - 186

January 21, 2021

Or, more simply, how to be a decent person. Years ago I came across some decent advice. Essentially, this was 32 pieces of wisdom to pass on to your son(s). The idea behind the whole thing, was to teach young boys how to behave as men. Hence, the how to be a man episode. As such, I will be taking each rule one by one and examining them for the hidden wisdom. Listen below is that advice. Print it out. Save it as a handy reference. It's great advice for anyone!

1. Never shake a man’s hand sitting down.
2. There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs ain’t one.
3. The man at the grill is the closest thing we have to a king.
4. In a negotiation, never make the first offer.
5. Act like you’ve been there before. Especially in the end zone.
6. Request the late check-out.
7. When entrusted with a secret, keep it.
8. Hold your heroes to a higher standard.
9. Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas.
10. Play with passion or not at all...
11. When shaking hands, grip firmly and look him in the eye.
12. Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be.
13. If you need music on the beach, you’re missing the point.
14. Carry two handkerchiefs. The one in your back pocket is for you. The one in your breast pocket is for her.
15. You marry the girl, you marry her whole family.
16. Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like crazy underneath.
17. Experience the serenity of traveling alone.
18. Never be afraid to ask out the best looking girl in the room.
19. Never turn down a breath mint.
20. In a game of HORSE, sometimes a simple free throw will get ’em.
21. A sport coat is worth 1000 words.
22. Try writing your own eulogy. Never stop revising.
23. Thank a veteran. And then make it up to him.
24. If you want to know what makes you unique, sit for a caricature.
25. Eat lunch with the new kid.
26. After writing an angry email, read it carefully. Then delete it.
27. Ask your dad to play. He won’t let you win.
28. See it on the big screen.
29. Give credit. Take the blame.
30. Write down your dreams.
31. Always protect your siblings (and teammates).
32. Be confident and humble at the same time.
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Never Go Full Willy-Nilly - 185

Never Go Full Willy-Nilly - 185

January 14, 2021

Brother Robin is back to talk about life, the universe and everything. We are covering the full spectrum on this episode, from Instagram models, to politics, magic mushrooms and more! Whatever you do, never go full willy-nilly!

This episode is meant to be an update on Robin's life. He lives an exciting roller coaster of adventure and excitement. Much like a roller coaster, he always seems to end up where he began. Is the Universe trying to teach him a lesson of some kind? They say you will keep living the same experience over and over again until you learn something. Perhaps Robin is not capable of learning. Over and over again, he returns to the same state of affairs.

We begin by talking about recent world events. US president Trump recently caused all kinds of havoc when he summoned his followers to storm the US Capitol building. Also, many Canadian politicians took trips overseas during the recent COVID lockdown. People in power are simply causing havoc. We ask, is Trump one of the 'great' men of history?

After the politics, we get into the heart of the episode. Robin is once again unemployed. How did this happen again? How is his life coaching going? What about his vending machine empire? So many questions to be answered.

If you'd like to purchase something from Robin's I Don't Wanna Apparel, you can find him on Facebook at:

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Uncorking The New Year - 184

Uncorking The New Year - 184

January 7, 2021

Welcome back to the Soul Forge Podcast. We hereby present to you, for your listening pleasure, the first episode of 2021. There is no specific topic this week, but we do cover a lot of information and ideas.

First, we place this episode in its historical context. There is a brief discussion about loss, but for more information, you will want to check out episode 30:

One of the reasons for starting the podcast was as a form of self-therapy. However, an even more important reason was so that my son would have a load of insight into who his father is and was; a vocal archive of sorts.

Other topics of conversation include my recent engagement to Julie, the importance of episode art (and where you can see it), and a possible new segment called 'the unpopular opinion'.

A sizable segment of the podcast is devoted to gentle goals for a new year. There are about 10 of them and I go through the importance of each item.

If you'd care to support the work I do, you can donate as little as $3 with Kofi. Donate by following this link:

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