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Witchcraft for Beginners - 167

Witchcraft for Beginners - 167

August 27, 2020

In Witchcraft for Beginners, Tracy takes us on her journey into the spiritual side of things. On this episode, we go over how she become interested in witchcraft, and what she has learned so far.

Tracy started with an interest in Reiki, and began to learn about the crystals and the chakras. She followed this up with the practice of meditation. Watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Netflix, and reading about witchcraft brought Tracy to where she is now.

I first noticed Tracy's interest in the spiritual side of things when she asked to smudge my new house. I had heard of smudging, but hadn't seen it performed. As for smudging, most people use white sage to remove negative energy. You can also use sweet grass, cedar sticks and other plants for differing purposes.

In Witchcraft for Beginners, we also learn about using and trusting your intuition, speaking with spirits, and the difference between witchcraft, Wicca and paganism.

Witches were once much-loved healers in communities. Various circumstances turned that love into hate and fear where these women were seen as evil or tools of the devil.

We finish the episode with some talk about green witches. This includes herbalism and making tinctures, salves and poultices. We also learn about spells, rituals and astrology.

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Parenting Life in the Fast Lane - 166

Parenting Life in the Fast Lane - 166

August 20, 2020

Parenting. It's living life in the fast lane. This week's Soul Forge brings you a look behind the parenting style of Rene, a father of 3 boys.

Rene is the father of a 13 year old boy and 11 year old twin boys. On this episode, he discusses his parenting strategies. He talks about the sacrifices he has made to raise his family. We will go behind the scenes and learn about some of the things he has done to give his children a healthy life.

We will also learn about the challenges he has faced. What did he learn along the way? Rene talks about priorities, going with the flow, hockey, and so much more.

Please fill out the survey Rene needs for his class project by following this link:

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The Glow Up - Author Interview with Unique’ka - 165

The Glow Up - Author Interview with Unique’ka - 165

August 13, 2020

This week the Soul Forge brings you an author interview with Unique'ka. Her self-published book is called The Glow Up. It's a self help book based on the journey of her life.  Sit back and listen to a tale as unique as Unique'ka.

Coming from an abusive childhood shaped many factors in Unique'ka's life. She and her brother were both sent to foster care. Her anger issues and feeling of abandonment caused her to run away several times. However, the one constant in her life, was her love of reading and writing.

After dropping out of high school, she began stripping at the age of 17. In time, she had a son and wanted to do better for him, and for herself. Unique'ka began a life-long journey of self reinvention.

Reading self-help books and living her life by their principals is what really helped her turn her life around. She used these books and the lives of people like Oprah as a kind of guidance counselor.

We end the podcast with the story of Unique'ka finding her birth family. We also learn about how the book came to be. You can purchase The Glow Up in several places, but the best sources are and

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The Life Coach Session - 164

The Life Coach Session - 164

August 6, 2020

In the life coach session episode, Shawn talks with his brother Robin about his latest endeavour. Robin has decided to pursur a career in life coaching. On this episode, we learn about the reasons why Robin is pursuing this new direction, and we learn a bit about what the course entails.

Robin admits he has no specific talents. However, he is pretty good at finding the talent in others and encouraging them. He feels that by becoming a life coach, he should be able to unlock the potential in others.

Life coaching is not therapy. Therefore, you do not need to have your own life in perfect order to be able to help others. Although every decision Robin has made has been the wrong one, he still feels as if his experiences can help others.

A life coach can help you through many problems or issues. These can range from relationship issues, to decisions about career or family, and many other topics. The best part about being a life coach is that you can set your own schedule and work whatever hours you choose. This is ideal for Robin who does not enjoy waking up early. The life coach session is yours for the taking!

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