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Engage Safety Protocols - 145

Engage Safety Protocols - 145

March 26, 2020

A light-hearted look at staying safe during the Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic. Engage your safety protocols and give us a listen!

We are all going a little bit crazy during this time of social isolation. For some, the safety protocols put in place are not being followed. People are staying in and get bored. So they go out into the community putting themselves and others at risk. We have seen line-ups outside of the liquor stores. These people are not standing at least 6 feet apart. The same goes for those people waiting for the bus to pick them up.

We have a run down of the essential businesses that do not need to close during this crisis. Apparently, most workplaces are essential. It seems the only places closed down are the horse buggy whip makers.

Some positives have emerged from the crisis. People are reaching out to one another. Phone calls, texts, Facetime and other communication methods are being used like never before. Also, pollution has been reduced as more and more people work from home.

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End Times Fun - 144

End Times Fun - 144

March 19, 2020

Yeah, okay, so we all know that the only thing on all our minds is the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic. People are hoarding toilet paper and bottled water. We're all washing our hands as if we just learned how to do that. On that note, it is appropriate we all take a break and have some end times fun!

On this episode, I will be concentrating on overcomng our fears. As such, I have some answers from various people to the question of, "if you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do?"

12 years ago, I wrote a note on Facebook. Apparently I was worried about the end of the world. I read and comment on this note, entitled, Surviving the Coming Apocalypse. A fun thought experiment about preparing for the end times.

To wrap up, I have some quick tips on managing anxiety during a pandemic.

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My Dad Is Mad At Me - 143

My Dad Is Mad At Me - 143

March 12, 2020

So I recently found out that my dad is mad at me. This occurred as a result of my recent episode titled, About Money. I haven't actually figured out why my dad is mad at me. The only hint I have received is a message from dad's girlfriend telling me that she let him listen to the episode. All I can surmise is that I did not mention him enough in the episode. So, this episode is an attempt to correct that oversight.

This week, I speak to my own son and we discuss our relationship. I also tell my son about things that I have done with my father. My dad and I have gone on several vacation-type trips. I mention these trips to my son on this episode. Potatoes are my father's favourite. So naturally, I tell my own potato story. My dad is mad at me, but this episode is an attempt to reach out and clarify a few things. We shall see if this works.

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The List - 142

The List - 142

March 5, 2020

The List of important qualities to have in a partner.

I have been teasing the reveal of the list I made a couple of months ago. In early January, my friend Rene told me that I should make a list of all the qualities I want in a partner. I was very resistant to the idea for several weeks. However, after he brought up the idea on multiple occasions, I finally decided to do it. I made the list. And now, for the first time, I am unveiling the list for all the Soul Forge listeners. Tracy joins the episode to discuss the finer points and details of all the requirements I have made.

Do you have a list? Did you make one before you found your partner? You will be amazed to learn how my life has changed once I actually wrote down my list of important qualities to have in a partner.

Don't forget to send us your comments and questions so that Tracy and I can do a book review of Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck.

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