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Success Redefined - 141

Success Redefined - 141

February 27, 2020

What is success? How do we as a society define success? We here at the Soul Forge think it's time that success gets redefined.

Shawn and Tracy ask each other if they feel successful in their own lives. Why do they give the answers they give? They answer by thinking of some of the things they have or do that make them successful in their own ways.

It is important to realize that our definition of success can change over time. As a young man, Shawn found it necessary to collect as many action figures as possible. This was success to him. Now, success is selling off his collection and emptying totes.

Ask yourself what society expects from a successful person. Are you measuring up? Does it even matter if you are? It is possible for you to define success for yourself. Do you have role models of success? Can you use yourself as your own measurement for success? Success is different from region to region and person to person.

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True Love: Josh & Kitty - 140

True Love: Josh & Kitty - 140

February 20, 2020

Success in love. This year the Soul Forge is including as many chats with successful couples as it is possible to find. These types of episodes are important in a world that can often seem lonely, cruel and cold. This week, we have a conversation with my co-hosts on my other podcast, The Rusted Robot.

Josh and Kitty have known each other since she was 14 and he was 17. Find out when and how they met, and how long their story has been unfolding. They built the relationship on a solid foundation of friendship; friends who shared similar interests and outlooks on life.

What started as mutual long-term crushes became official dating on August 18, 2000 at 11PM. Josh would go on to rent a room in Kitty's parents' house. They were practically living together almost from the very start. Kitty knew it was meant to be when she build a sign in shop class with her future last name on it.

In all their time together, they have only had 2 minor fights, and 3 somewhat major ones. They have survived living with various room-mates, and have struggled financially.

They attribute their success to communication. It is vital to leave emotion out of discussions. Always try to remain calm and rational. They think like a team, as in "how do we solve this problem together?" Try to avoid drama at all costs.

Josh's breakup limit rule.

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Total Drama Island - 139

Total Drama Island - 139

February 13, 2020

This week's episode is kind of an update show. What has been happening in the life of your host? He has been living and working on total drama island! Actually, his personal life is going pretty well for once. Work, however, is quite another matter. Perhaps this episode reveals a bit too much about the inner workings of the post office. Maybe you will learn a few behind-the-scenes details that you knew nothing about. The main point of this episode is to catch you up with the saga of how your host is feeling towards his employment. So get comfortable, have a seat, put your feet up and grab a tasty beverage. You are about to enter total drama island!

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The Aftermath of Fame With Cory Robin - 138

The Aftermath of Fame With Cory Robin - 138

February 6, 2020

Cory Robin visits the Soul Forge Podcast to talk about his brush with fame and the aftermath of the experience.

In 2018 Cory ran for a seat as city councillor for Ward 5 in Timmins.  Although he did not win a seat, he learned a great deal about how to handle loss and fame. Cory tells us about how he ran his campaign, the money spent, and the heart and soul he put into the effort.

Listen in to learn what brought him to his decision to run for council. He talks about his passion for Aboriginal First Nations issues. His political ambitions began by trying to deal with systemic racism in our city.

Other topics include the importance of feedback, living through social media and curating an image. Cory tells us about reframing his loss into something positive and he tells us the story of the vote recount.

Final thoughts include being honest and authentic, and knowing who you are. Follow him on Facebook at Robin in the City.

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