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Unapologetically Me - 132

Unapologetically Me - 132

December 19, 2019

2019 taught me a lot about myself. In fact, this has probably been the most progress I have made in a year since 2015. So this episode will detail some of the realizations I have come to. Also, this episode is filled with all kinds of media clips. I have tried to even out the sound levels and think I have mostly succeeded. My apologies if it is not perfect. However, none of us are.

Some topics included in this episode are fear, love, relationships, being an introvert and my new found knowledge that I am, and have always been, an empath. Using various clips from music and pop culture, I try to highlight these topics in an amusing, yet poignant way.

Alternate titles for this episode could have been:

  1. Laws, Lessons and Revelations
  2. This Is Who I Am
  3. 47 Minutes of Bullshit

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Robin’s Rambling Rant

Robin’s Rambling Rant

December 12, 2019

Brother Robin opens up about his struggle with mental health. He lights up a fancy cigarette and unloads many years worth of thoughts. This is Robin's rambling rant!

Robin moved in with his eldest brother about 6 months ago. This was an attempt to get his life back on track. More and more, he has been focusing on his mental well-being. As a cab driver, he often speaks with his clients and tells them about his life and his reasons for moving to Timmins. This is not a proper therapy session, but does allow him to release some of his pent up feelings.

A big part of our conversation deals with his depression and suicidal thoughts. Robin tells us just how close to came to ending everything. He details a horrible childhood, and talks about trying to overcome his limitations. Robin also talks about how he used alcohol as a coping mechanism. There is also some talk about marijuana.

Other topics include losing family members, seasonal depression and his feelings of failure. A main throughline in this rambling rant, is his superhero persona. Brother Robin would often emulate Spider-Man in order to cope with life. While not perfect, sometimes his spider sense saved him from trouble.

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Mister Rogers & Children’s Television - 130

Mister Rogers & Children’s Television - 130

December 5, 2019

Mister Rogers is played by Tom Hanks in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Where are the television shows for kids these days that are similar? They simply do not exist. Having gone to the theatre to see the movie, it got me thinking about my own childhood and the shows I grew up on. In this episode, I give a quick review of the movie, and then go through the list of similar shows that I was brought up on. 

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was originally misterrogers in Canada. Therefore, Fred Rogers played a version of himself from 1962 until 2001.

Mr. Dressup was played by Ernie Coombs. The series ran from 1967 until 1996. The show was similar to Mr Rogers in that the host spoke directly to the child watching. Both shows included songs and stories, arts and crafts and imagination games.

Captain Kangaroo ran from 1955 - 1984.

The Friendly Giant which aired from 1958 to 1985 included puppets and had a go slow, gentle nature.

Fred Penner's Place succeeded The Friendly Giant and ran from 1985 to 1997. This was a musical show that educated kids in various subjects.

Sesame Street debuted in 1969 and is still going.

Polka Dot Door 1971 - 1993

Today's Special 1981 - 1987

Under The Umbrella Tree 1986 - 1993

There are likely many other regional shows that never came to national attention. One thing that the most popular shows had in common was that they treated children as individuals with value. Sure, most were hosted by middle-age white men, but that is a product of television history.

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