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This Version of Reality - 120

This Version of Reality - 120

September 26, 2019

Are we living in the best possible version of reality? Did the decisions that we made when we were younger result in the older version of us being the most content? How can we ever know if we made the correct choices? Can we imagine what life we could be living right now if only we had made a different decision?

Obvioulsy there is no way to peer behind the curtain of reality. We cannot ever hope to know what the alternate reality version of us is doing right this minute. No way to know if that other us is living the life we wish we had. All we can do is speculate and wonder.

On this episode Shawn and Trish talk about the decisions that were made that resulted in the lives they are living now. 16 years ago, Shawn was faced with 3 choices: stay in Timmins, go back to North Bay, or head home to Sault Ste. Marie. Ultimately, he stayed in Timmins and fell in love with Trish and had a family for 9 years until he left. But what if he had moved back to the Soo, or if he had never left Trish. It's speculation time. Are we living in the best possible version of reality?

This episode covers life lessons and the decision to leave Trish. The inability to talk about and process emotions. Also, wanting to take charge of your destiny and be the hero of your own story. We also discuss matching your words to your actions and how this is not always easy to do. And we end the podcast by ruminating on the meaning of love. Are we living in the best possible version of reality?

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At The Crossroads - 119

At The Crossroads - 119

September 19, 2019

My ex-fiance gives me some insight and advice while I stand here at the crossroads. Trish and I were together for 9 years. She has seen me go through quite the transformation over the years. There is probably no one who knows me better. On this week's episode, she tells me like it is. Trish has never been one to hold back on anything.

One of my issues is that I've always felt as if everyone else is better off than I am. This has lead to a certain amount of envy. And also a good amount of self-pity for poor life choices. Trish gives me a fresh perspective on this line of thinking.

We also talk about the feelings of misery and doubt that come when you are at the crossroads in life. We talk about me wanting to update my resume. If I do that, what is the next step? Where will I find a job that gives me the same benefits and advantages that I currently enjoy? I tend to abandon ship and just do anything I can to escape when I feel like I'm at the crossroads of life. I need to consider all my options instead of just closing my eyes and leaping.

And finally, Trish quotes my grandfather's words of wisdom. My Bumpa always said "Make plans, but don't plan the outcome." When you're at the crossroads, these words are important to remember.

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Time For A Change - 118

Time For A Change - 118

September 12, 2019

Yup, it's time for a change. When things become stale, old or boring, we must look for a fresh perspective. We cannot continue to live by our old patterns. Like a snake that sheds its skin, we too must start over, begin again. This episode of the Soul Forge will take on the topic of change.

Your host Shawn is joined by his brother Robin, and together they discuss and examine the changes in their lives. Robin has recently changed everything about his life. He had a job, a car, and a house in Sault Ste. Marie. Due to certain circumstances he lost all of those things. He needed to make a change. He could have remained in his hometown, or he could start fresh. Start fresh is what he did. Moving in with his brother Shawn helped Robin financially and emotionally.

Shawn recently turned 43. The seasons are changing. The postal routes are also changing next week and Shawn is forced to change his shift. It is time for a change. Everything needs to change. Shawn would like to leave Timmins. He wants a new job, a new car, a new house. Winning the lottery is not an option, and yet something drastic needs to change in Shawn's life. Perhaps this is a continuation of his recent existential crisis. What changes will Shawn make? Will he stay stuck in familiar patterns? Only time will tell.

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DragonCon 2019 - 117

DragonCon 2019 - 117

September 5, 2019

DragonCon 2019 is over, but it was an amazing experience. On this episode, Shawn talks about all the adventures experienced, incredible people met, the panels attended, and so much more. DragonCon is held in Atlanta, Georgia over the Labor Day weekend. This was the 33rd event.

To get to Atlanta, Shawn drove his little black car from Timmins, Ontario. He crossed the province of Ontario, and then drove through 5 states. Each way, there and back again, took approximately 22 hours over 2 days. Would he do it again? He certainly would! 4500 kilometres is a long way to go to get your geek on, but totally worth it.

On this episode, you will hear about the celebrity panels Shawn and friends attended. The number of people Shawn met is beyond counting. One of the highlights was meeting Kine Corder from episode 41 of the Soul Forge Podcast. Other highlights include Jarman Day, Mike and Judy Faber, Robert J. Sawyer, Mike Gordon and the rest of the ESO Network crew.

Sweet Tea is amazing.
Don't stay at the Motel 6 in Findlay, Ohio.
Check out Shawn's Facebook page for the DragonCon photo album:

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