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55: Confidence Unmasked

55: Confidence Unmasked

June 28, 2018

Does confidence come from within or through cosplay?

Cosplay expert Karen enters the Soul Forge to give us a brief overview of who she is and what she does.

  • How did Karen and I meet?
  • Karen's cosplay and her challenge,
  • The cosplay community is vast and varied,
  • Shyness can bring fear,
  • Social awkwardness and the costume solution,
  • Personal confidence and the backlash,
  • Costuming and the limitations,
  • GISH: Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, an intro...
  • The non-binary comfort zone,
  • Hair stories,

Find Karen on Twitter @flynndanarra

Find Karen on Instagram @ladydanger47

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54: Summer Is Coming!

54: Summer Is Coming!

June 21, 2018

Summer time and the promise of possibility! 

Camping traditions....
Nan and Jean and the Beals Lake story,

Watermelon, hotdogs, fires, marshmellows, fireworks, crawdads, hiking and biking

Yardsale Season,

Music festivals,

Fishing stories and Xbox adventures,

Brother Adventures: hiking, concert road trips,

August life celebration event,

ReBoSh weekends

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53: The Human Race Has No Finish Line

53: The Human Race Has No Finish Line

June 14, 2018

A discussion about culture and race.

  • Diversity in the workplace,
  • I know a lot of white people,
  • The world isn't just black and white,
  • The George Costanza dilemma,
  • My own limited inter-racial contact,
  • The trouble with racial labels,
  • Racism in Fandom: Ghostbuster, Star Wars and Kelly Marie Tran,
  • The Time Travel solution,
  • Black Lives Matter,
  • Gay Pride,
  • The shift in society and changing language,
  • The N word,
  • Education equals enlightenment! 

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52: A Look Behind The Curtain

52: A Look Behind The Curtain

June 7, 2018

Gratitude, Gratefulness, Appreciation

Oftentimes, we do not express just how much people mean to us, either for the things they have done, or what they have said.  It's important to acknowledge those people who have helped or guided us, whether they are aware of their impact or not.

Here is a list of things that I'm grateful for, and there are many...

Hope, Positivity, Communication

This week we take a look at the Earth Station One Podcast Network.  We'll be exploring how a network operates, and how it helps out its members.

The Rusted Robot Podcast hits 200 episodes.

Who are the people behind the hashtag #podpeople?

The podcast concludes with some juicy gossip I should probably not be sharing, but it explains the anger I've been feeling as of late.

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