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51: I Just Got A Divorce

51: I Just Got A Divorce

May 31, 2018

The divorce process and feelings surrounding it. 

Divorce can be an extremely emotional experience that creates a wide variety of mixed feelings.

Some relationship history; a time-line of tragedy or preventable folly?

Thoughts, feelings, hopes and preparation for re-marriage.

What changed my mind -- the initial disbelief in divorce.

The divorce process: forms, costs, procedures, etc.

Variable emotional response...divorce really makes you feel some deep feelings.

Entering a new relationship, getting re-married, the family response, the child factor.

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50: Minimalism Revisited

50: Minimalism Revisited

May 24, 2018

A Minimalism Guide for Episode 50! 

  • A brief history of my introduction to Minimalism,
  • Josh and Ryan and the Minimalist documentary and podcast,
  • The Minimalist lifestyle -- possessions and purchases,
  • Being content with your life, not with your stuff,

My history...

  • A life of collecting,
  • The collector's dilemma,
  • The cost to your happiness,
  • My down-sizing journey

Minimalism strategies for a simpler life!

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49: One of Our Episodes is Missing

49: One of Our Episodes is Missing

May 17, 2018

The original file for the episode has been removed. My guest interviewee has gone through some transformation and decided she would like all traces of her past self removed from the internet.

We're talking about sexuality, personal power, self-expression, love, leadership, spirituality, creativity and more...

  • Fear, free-will and speaking your truth,
  • Taking responsibility and losing control,
  • Mindfulness -- the priciples of Tantra,
  • Coaching, mentorship, events,
  • Embracing the feminine power,
  • Light and dark masculine,
  • Self-sabotage and people pleasing
48: MUGZY - Australia’s Hip Hop Superstar Rapper

48: MUGZY - Australia’s Hip Hop Superstar Rapper

May 10, 2018

Mugzy - The Down Under Eminem!

  • Reyne Brady's origin story,
  • Major influences and early life,
  • Fueled by coffee,
  • The wigger phase,
  • Acting career,
  • About Australia,
  • Day job and travel dreams,
  • The message in the music,

Facebook Page:


End Song: Chasing You

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47: Me, My Son, and Star Trek

47: Me, My Son, and Star Trek

May 3, 2018

Exploring the universe of Star Trek with my boy, a non-fan. 

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