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When Good Things End - 199

April 22, 2021

When good things end is the 199th episode of the Soul Forge Podcast. And yet, it's so much more than that. This episode is a kind of eulogy for the Rusted Robot Podcast. Rusted was my baby for more than 7 years, and I did everything I could to make it successful, entertaining, and fun. Those days are over now, and this is a nostalgic look back at something I put my heart and soul into. Enjoy!

The Final Episode of The Rusted Robot Podcast

April 18, 2021

It's been a long road getting from there to here. From humble beginnings, to a pop culture phenomenon, the Rusted Robot Podcast has been around a very long time. We have met so many amazing people along the way. We would like to thank you all for the support you have shown us over the years.

The podcast began in January 2014, and with only a few breaks here and there, it continued on for almost 7 and a half years. It started with Shawn and his wife Brigitte sharing their love of all things geek. It was an attempt to bring a bit of culture to a small northern Ontario town better known for hunting, fishing, drinking and drugs. Once their marriage fell apart, they continued on for awhile but times changed. After a brief hiatus, Shawn recruited Josh as a new co-host. When Josh wasn't available, there would be solo episodes and other guest hosts.

This episode is a farewell to a huge part of Shawn's life. The episode is filled with nostalgia and absolutely packed with clips. So many people were a part of this episode in particular, and of the podcast in general. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel at

You can also find Shawn continuing his podcast journey with the boys of the Cosmic Pizza Podcast, and by his self on the Soul Forge Podcast which can be found at

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Thank you all for an amazing journey!

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