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Trees, Traumas and Anniversaries - 213

July 29, 2021

Trees, Traumas and Anniversaries is the 213th episode of the Soul Forge Podcast! On this week's episode we are celebrating 4 years of the Forge with an unconventional episode. This is pure stream of consciousness folks! I didn't take any notes, I didn't plan ahead. There were a few topics I wanted to touch on, but that's the extent of my prep for this week. Trees, Traumas and Anniversaries might very well be your new favourite episode.

I have always had a knack for remembering dates and anniversaries. Could be that I gained this skill from my mother who was famous for recalling obscure events. Perhaps my work as a mailman has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, I've always been pretty great at remembering useless information.

From my dad, or maybe my mom, I gained the collecting gene. My parents were big-time hoarders-collectors. So was my mom's brother actually. My dad once had all of his 40 acres filled with things and stuff. I'm not quite that bad, but it was starting to get overwhelming. That's why I'm in the process of downsizing my collection. That's why I bought a building in which to run a store. And, that's also why I am running my Etsy shop -- until the store opens it is a side hustle to earn extra income, as well as get rid of things.

Trees and plants can see? I just read an article where there is intense speculation that plants can see, communicate and feel pain. We can't ask plants if this is true, but the research is certainly pointing in this direction.

Other topics covered in this show are various traumas, forest fires in the north, and keeping on keeping on. You just gotta keep moving forward. Be like the Kool-Aid man and close your eyes. Break on through that wall of pain and survive. We wrap up the show by talking about Etsy customer service, the Cosmic Pizza Podcast and a few other things.

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Trees, Traumas and Anniversaries - 213

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