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Meditation: A Brief Introduction - 73

November 1, 2018

Your meditation and meditating guide is here!

This week we're talking about what meditation is, what it entails, how and where to do it, as well as our personal experiences with it.  It's alright to feel ridiculous at first. We will fill you in on the techniques, the kinds of meditations there are, the apps, and the equipment you can use.

What is meditation used for: comtemplation, reflection, concentration, heightened spiritual awareness, breathing, etc.

Kinds/uses of meditation: falling asleep, self-esteem, acceptance, managing anxiety, (breathe, unwind, restore)

Meditating is good for students, athletes and those who wish to clear their minds.

Similarity between meditation and affirmation.

Meditation apps, classes, where, when, how.

Techniques, crystals, candle flames, pillows, singing bowls, beads...


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